How To Whitewater Kayak – The Basics Of Paddling

One of the fun activities that kids can enjoy with their parents or on their own is learning how to kayak. You can help them by teaching them how to paddle by showing them a simple technique that you first learned from your instructor at the camp.
how to whitewater kayak
This basic technique will make them feel more secure in the water and will help them learn more about how to paddle when they are older.

The first thing that you want to do when you get ready to teach your kids how to paddle is to make sure that they are wearing a life jacket. You should also have a good idea about what you expect from your kids when it comes to the actual activity. You should think about how long your trip will take, whether you will be carrying all their supplies, and what you plan on doing along the way. For instance, if you plan on doing a long hike, you will need a good sleeping bag to keep them warm, some food, sunscreen, and a camera for a few pictures. If you plan on going on a long river trip, you may want to consider renting kayaks or other boats that you can use to carry your supplies and equipment.

If you are going to start paddling in the beginning, you will want to take your children out for a paddle around the lake or river. You should have them practice for about fifteen minutes before they go out into the water. You should have them practice on a flat surface so that they will not get seasick while they are in the water. If you have any concerns about them getting seasick, you may want to take them to a water park where you can paddle with them. It will help you to give them a feel of being on the water without being totally submerged.

Once you have started the basics of how to whitewater kayak, it is important to give them plenty of practice. You can set up a paddling ramp that has a small ramp or one that is about two feet wide in the middle and place several chairs and a couple of picnic tables there. This will allow them to practice as many times as they like.

The basic technique for this type of water is to bring your paddle to a full stop when you reach a certain point in the water. When you do this, you will want to pull your paddle back to the bottom and let the paddle sink to the bottom. This will help them feel much more secure in the water.

people with paddles in hands
Once you have taught your kids how to whitewater kayak, you will want to teach them how to use their paddle when it is not in use. If you do not want to take them out their kayaks while on land, you can take them on an outing where you go on a short walk along the beach or river with them and they use their paddle. It is also a good idea to get them in the habit of knowing how to paddle when they are on a kayak. By learning the basic technique, they will be better prepared when they get into the water.

As your kids get older and better at the basics, you can start to challenge them to do more difficult maneuvers such as rapids and other difficult water. Just be sure that you give them plenty of practice time before you do this. As they become more skilled, you will be able to allow them to learn more advanced maneuvers. and you may even want to let them try some water skiing.