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Whitewater Magazine is a collection of adventures, tips on rafting / kayaking and generally getting out there and exploring. If you still don’t own any gear it may be time to buy an inflatable raft or purchase a buy a kayak online.

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What Are We All About?

If you are interested in whitewater and water sports, then you you have come to the right place. We are Whitewater Magazine. We provide quality content regarding both the rivers and lakes that you are interested in paddling and kayaking. Typically, most articles were written by professional river guides as well as those that are submitted by enthusiasts. These articles generally range from tips on how to enjoy whitewater and kayaking to information on the best times of the year to experience these activities. Not only do we offer tips on participating safely in and around the rivers and lakes, but they also provide in depth reports on all facets of whitewater paddling, kayaking and other water sports.

If you are just starting out in the sport of kayaking or whitewater kayaking, you may want to start with some of the beginner whitewater articles. These will help you become familiar with the equipment, supplies and clothing that you will need for this exciting sport. You can read about equipment reviews, including recommendations on brands and specific models.

If you are interested in rafting or kayaking, then you can also find information about these activities and what equipment you will need. The info provided can include rafting safety tips, equipment reviews, river and lake maps, river reviews and more.

You can read articles on various kayaking adventures, including techniques for fast rapids, river Rafting Tips, Kayak Sales and Care, and How to Plan an Upcoming Trip. The Insider’s Guide to kayaking also includes articles that will help you prepare for your next river trip. This magazine can help you plan your trips as well as select equipment for these adventures.

The Whitewater Magazine also has some sections dedicated to adventure travel and offers tips on all sorts of whitewater travels. This magazine is perfect for people who are considering a whitewater vacation but are not sure if it would be a good idea to go on a rafting trip. The Traveler’s Guide to whitewater may be the trip of a lifetime and will take you to some of the most beautiful locations in the country. The information provided in the magazine includes everything you need to know about boats, activities, rafting locations, and hotels, just to name a few.

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