Kayaking With Whales

kayaking with whalesIf you have not been exposed to kayaking, chances are you will be very surprised by how much of a thrill it is. In addition, it is often a lot more enjoyable than you may first imagine when you do it the right way.







Kayaking with whales, in this case, means that you are in a kayak with one or more whales. In many cases, you will be on a ship or even in a boat where the whales are swimming around. Of course, this type of experience is going to be much more thrilling when you have a whale watching excursion. Here, you can learn about some of the things that you need to know before you take your first ride with whales.

Whales and Wildlife

There are some things that you should know as soon as possible before you begin this type of experience. The first thing that you should know is that whales will be much more vocal than you would think. When you are on a boat with whales, you will find them making a variety of sounds that are very interesting, and that will make you feel like you are part of the world. You will also see them displaying several different colors that you might not expect.

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When you are out at different locations with whales, you will see them doing various types of behaviors. For example, you will be able to see them play games such as fighting, flapping, and many others. However, the most common ones to observe are the ones that are called “push-ups.”

This will be a good time to point out that you should not try this type of activity alone. This will help prevent you from getting injured while you are doing something like this, and you will want to make sure that there are people around to take you in the kayak. It is always best to have somebody close to you when you do this type of adventure.

Killer Whales

The last thing that you will need to know is that this type of experience is a lot like being on land with whales but without the risk of being eaten. This is because you are kayaking with whales that are in a protected environment.

As a result, you are going to be able to enjoy several different experiences. If you have ever seen whales in their natural habitat, then you will understand that they can be very different from what you see here.

Of course, whales are living in a different environment than the other animals that they are used to so they are used to doing various things that they do not do on land. For instance, you can go out in kayaks and get a very close look at these types of animals up close.

And Finally

In conclusion, kayaking with whales is a breathtaking adventure that takes you on an exhilarating journey through the majestic waters, where you can paddle alongside these gentle giants and witness their awe-inspiring presence up close. It’s a whale of a time, my friends, as you embark on a sea kayak tour in the best places like San Juan Island, where whales and wildlife abound. Whether it’s the magnificent orca whale or the majestic humpback whale, the thrill of kayaking with these incredible creatures is an experience like no other. As you venture out with expert outfitters like Sea Kayak Adventures or explore the beauty of Juneau, you become one with the sea, feeling the rush of the waves beneath your kayak.

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With each sighting, your heart leaps with joy, and you can’t help but gasp in awe as these mighty orcas grace the waters around you. It’s a whale watching tour with a twist, a sea kayaking adventure that leaves you spellbound. The San Juan Islands, Johnstone Strait, or the stunning fjords of Baja California, the possibilities are endless.

You paddle along, marveling at the resident orcas, the playful porpoise, and the curious seals, knowing that you are part of a privileged few who get to witness such wonders. These intelligent whales, along with their companions, create an enchanting spectacle, and you find yourself captivated by their grace and beauty.

The sea kayakers’ hearts race with anticipation as each moment holds the promise of a thrilling encounter. In the protected waters of the National Marine Sanctuaries or the narrow corridors near Vancouver Island, you navigate with care, respecting their space and cherishing the privilege of these close encounters. On any given day, you might spot the mighty humpback or the elusive gray whale, the elegant minke whale, or even catch a glimpse of the magnificent finback or the beluga.

From the Gulf of California to the inside passage, these prime whale-watching destinations offer a feast for the senses. With experienced guides leading the way, you paddle through the pristine waters, your heart pounding with anticipation, for you know that the next moment could bring a breathtaking sight. These trips provide not only a chance to witness these wild orca whales and other marine wonders but also an opportunity to connect with nature on a profound level. As you glide silently in your sea kayak, you become part of their world, immersed in their realm, and the bond you form with these magnificent creatures is simply unforgettable.

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So, fellow paddlers and whale enthusiasts, grab your paddle and embark on a kayaking adventure of a lifetime. The sea is calling, the whales are waiting, and the memories you create will last forever. It’s time to make a splash and experience the thrill of kayaking with whales firsthand.

Get ready to be awestruck by their presence, to feel the exhilaration of being in their company, and to cherish the moments of close encounters and shared wonder.


Can I kayak with whales? Is it safe?

Absolutely! Kayaking with whales is an incredible adventure that allows you to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures. Safety is our top priority, and experienced outfitters like Sea Kayak Adventures ensure that you have expert guides and follow all necessary precautions. So grab your paddle, hop in a kayak, and embark on a thrilling whale-watching tour like no other!

Where are the best places for kayaking with whales?

The San Juan Islands, located off the western edge of the San Juan Islands of Washington, is renowned as one of the best places for sea kayaking and whale watching. With abundant sightings of orca whales and humpback whales, these protected waters provide an ideal habitat for these magnificent creatures. Whether you choose a kayak tour in Juneau or explore the scenic beauty of Baja California, there are plenty of whale-watching adventures waiting for you.

What types of whales can I expect to see while kayaking?

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During your kayaking adventure, you might encounter various whale species, including the mighty orca, also known as the killer whale, and the majestic humpback whale.

Along the western edge of the San Juan Islands, you may witness pods of orcas swimming gracefully, while humpback whales often make their presence known with their impressive breaches and tail slaps.

Keep your eyes peeled for other incredible marine life too, such as playful dolphins, harbor porpoises, and curious seals.

How close can I get to the whales while kayaking?

While kayaking, it’s important to respect the whales’ space and ensure their well-being. As responsible kayakers, we maintain a safe distance of at least 300 yards from these magnificent creatures, giving them the space they need to swim and thrive in their natural habitat. This ensures both your safety and the welfare of the whales. However, even from a distance, the sight of these majestic creatures is awe-inspiring and will create memories to last a lifetime.

What is the best time of year for kayaking with whales?

The prime season for kayaking with whales and experiencing thrilling encounters typically spans from May through October. During these months, the waters near places like San Juan Island and the San Juan Islands of Washington come alive with whale activity. From orcas to humpbacks, you have a greater chance of spotting these magnificent creatures during this period. So plan your kayaking tour accordingly and get ready for a truly unforgettable experience!

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